Routine home checks for your rabbit


By making these simple checks on your rabbit daily, you will be able to act quickly to notice any changes that could be a sign of disease and will be able to provide vital clues for your vet should your pet fall ill.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your rabbit's health, contact your vet.

Ears – look inside to check they are free from flaking patches, mites or fleas, which can carry diseases.

Eyes – should be clear, shiny and free from discharge. Dull or swollen eyes or discharge can be symptoms of illness which may lead to blindness.

Nose – ensure this is free from watery discharge

Mouth – ensure there is no excessive drooling and that front teeth are not overgrown.

Bottom – should be clean and not sticky or wet, a sign of poor diet or malnutrition. Any droppings attached to the fur should be washed off. Rabbit bottoms must be checked at least once a day to prevent “fly strike” (maggot infestation) which can be rapidly fatal.

Droppings – check for any changes in the appearance of droppings

Feet – make sure the feet/toes haven't been injured and that no sores have developed

Nails – check these are not overgrown – they can be carefully trimmed with pet nail clippers

Fur & skin – check for cuts, wounds, bald patches, scurf or dandruff which can be a sign of mites or fleas

Limbs – check for any signs of injury.



Published: 08:52, 1 September 2013 | Updated: 06:10, 6 November 2013