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Diagnosing diabetes in cats

Does your cat have the ‘symptoms’ or ‘clinical signs’ of diabetes mellitus? Find out more...
Pet: Cat | Updated: 12.12.2014

VetPen for diabetic pets

VetPen is the world’s first and only insulin pen designed specifically for use in diabetic pets
Pet: CatDog | Updated: 15.10.2014

Should you spay diabetic female dogs?

Immediately following heat, the ovaries of a bitch produce the hormone progesterone.
Pet: Dog | Updated: 06.05.2015

Emergency situations with diabetic dogs

In diabetic dogs, emergencies can occur and you should contact your vet urgently
Pet: Dog | Updated: 30.08.2014

Complications of diabetes mellitus in dogs

The long-term complications of diabetes mellitus are a result of prolonged high blood glucose
Pet: Dog | Updated: 30.08.2014

Dog Diabetes FAQs

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about diabetes in dogs
Pet: Dog | Updated: 30.08.2014

Feeding your diabetic dog

Diet is extremely important in the successful management of diabetes mellitus.
Pet: Dog | Updated: 30.08.2014

Making a glucose curves for your dog

Your veterinarian may want to make a blood glucose curve for your diabetic dog
Pet: Dog | Updated: 13.10.2014

Monitoring your dog's blood glucose at home

A stable diabetic dog should have a blood glucose range of about
Pet: Dog | Updated: 30.08.2014

Collecting and testing a urine sample from your dog

You may be asked by your vet to monitor your diabetic dog by regularly testing samples of its urine
Pet: Dog | Updated: 30.08.2014


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