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Finding a flea on a cat

How do I check if my pet has fleas or ticks?

In a recent survey half of owners were unaware their cat or dog had fleas - so what are the signs?
Pet: CatDog | Updated: 24.06.2015
Tick bites a person

Fleas and ticks - a health risk to your pet and you?

Fleas and ticks are a health risk to pets and humans carrying diseases that may be serious
Updated: 19.12.2014
pet rabbit

Warm weather fly strike warning

In warm weather, vets see an increase in the number of rabbits with fly strike
Pet: Rabbit | Updated: 27.08.2015
Dog and owner on sofa

How to prevent fleas and ticks in the home

Helping your pet and your home remain flea and tick free is a year round activity
Updated: 30.04.2014
A dog with tick near its eye

How to remove a tick from your dog or cat

Spring and summer herald increased tick activity with greater risk for your pets
Updated: 30.04.2014
Baby rabbits in the garden

Treating your rabbit for parasites

Your pet rabbit will need protection from a range of parasites including fleas and mites
Pet: Rabbit | Updated: 28.08.2015
Fleas in puppies and kittens can cause serious health problems

How to keep fleas under control

The best way to control flea problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place
Pet: CatDog | Updated: 19.12.2014

Ticks in the spotlight

There are around 850 described tick species worldwide and all are blood-sucking external parasites.
Updated: 29.04.2014

Talking ticks with Chris Packham

Vets across the UK are taking part in the Big Tick Project, the largest nationwide collection of ticks from dogs in a bid to help scientists track what is feared to be a growing threat to people and their dogs from tick-borne diseases.
Updated: 07.05.2015

Skin conditions in rabbit

What are symptoms of mites in rabbits Pet rabbits can be infected by ear mites which are small
Pet: Rabbit | Updated: 20.02.2017


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