How to introduce a dog and rabbit


Worried about introducing a new pet to your home alongside existing animals? Vet nurse Judith explodes the myth that rabbits and dogs can't be best of friends. In this cute video she explains the training methods she uses to ensure dogs, cats and rabbits can be the best of friends

Judith explains how with supervision and care, you can help your pets build a bond.

  • She advises gradually introducing new pets to one another;
  • Putting dogs on a lead to keep them under control when meeting for the first time
  • Keep rabbits in a cage or safe place until you feel confident to start letting your animals meet face to face
  • Start letting rabbits hop around with your dog under close supervision

Keep practising and as your pets get calmer and used to one another, you can start to relax and watch their friendship grow!


Published: 10:11, 2 April 2015 | Updated: 08:57, 18 December 2015