Liam Gallagher with vet Marc Abraham

Stars come out against puppy farming


Marc Abraham is leading a new campaign to call a halt to the cruel trade of puppy farming and wants to get the issue debated in Parliament.

The TV vet, who’s given pet advice on BBC Breakfast, ITV’s This Morning, Animal Rescue Live and the Alan Titchmarsh Show has launched the PupAid campaign to raise awareness of ‘Puppy farming’ – the commercial mass production of hundreds of thousands of puppies – and to stop it in its tracks.

Marc Abrahams and Ricky Gervais for PupAid

PupAid is also actively petitioning the Government online to stop puppy farming for good. In just 2 months, they already have over 40,000 signatures, but need at least 100,000 to make sure puppy farming is debated in Parliament.

Celebrity supporters join forces

Marc has gathered a host of celebrities to support the campaign including Ricky Gervais, Brian May, Liam Gallagher, Meg Mathews, Amy Childs, Peter Egan, Sarah Harding, Alexandra Burke, Patsy Palmer, John Barrowman, Joanna Page, Lydia & Debbie from TOWIE.

Puppy farming is the mass production of hundreds of thousands of puppies in poor conditions that are then transported long distances to be sold via pet shops, websites, garden centres, and free advert listings.

Concrete agricultural sheds are now commonly used to house up to 200 breeding bitches and stud dogs, kept alive for the sole purpose of producing puppies for profits.

Gene Gallagher, Nicole Appleton, Liam Gallagher, Marc Abrahams, Sarah Harding, Anais Gallagher & Meg Mathews

Puppies are often removed from their mums too early, leaving them totally unsocialised with impaired immune systems and completely unable to cope with the outside world.

Annual fun dog show 7 September - make it a date

Marc Abraham hopes that his PupAid campaign, which includes September’s annual fun dog show in London, will raise much needed awareness about the correct way to find and choose a dog, i.e. adopt from a rescue shelter or insist on seeing mum interacting with her pup.

Marc's message to MyPetonline readers

Marc says: "We can’t just sit back and ignore the fact that there are thousands of mistreated dogs right here in the UK desperately needing our help. Something needs to be done - sooner rather than later.”

We can’t just sit back and ignore the fact that there are thousands of mistreated dogs right here in the UK

PupAid dog show is free to attend and takes place on Saturday 7th September 2013 from 10am-5pm in Primrose Hill, London and will feature a celebrity judged fun dog show (including Best Rescue and Waggiest Tail), various doggy displays, boutique doggy shopping village, Have-a-Go-Agility, family BBQ, Crufts Best in Show winner Jilly, Temptation Alley, as well as free microchipping.

What you can do NOW

Marc says: “We hope that our annual PupAid event will continue to raise the much need awareness of puppy farming and highlight the horrific conditions these dogs live in.” To make a difference and support this great campaign you can Sign the PupAid petition here.


Published: 04:27, 13 August 2013 | Updated: 12:02, 26 September 2013