Chris Packham launches Big Tick Project


TV wildlife expert Chris Packham has joined a WebTV show here on MyPetonline as part of the launch of the Big Tick Project being run this Spring by the University of Bristol together with vets across the UK.



The Big Tick Project is being backed by naturalist and dog lover Chris Packham and aims to raise awareness of the risks and symptoms associated with tick-borne disease, and to educate owners how they can reduce their dog’s exposure to ticks and the diseases they carry.

Chris Packham, who regularly blogs for MyPetonline, joins the University of Bristol's Professor Richard Wall, a leading expert on ticks, Paul Sands MRCVS, a veterinary dermatologist, and dog owners for MyPetonline’s latest web vet clinic on ticks as part of the Big Tick Project and Big Flea Guarantee campaigns.

The programme was filmed at the New Forest Wildlife Park and shows pet owners how they can identify and remove ticks correctly from their dogs, as well as highlighting how vets can offer the best ways to prevent and control ticks and fleas tailored to individual pets' needs. 


Published: 10:04, 21 April 2015 | Updated: 01:18, 29 April 2015