Zoo and wildlife vet Matt Brash

Matt Brash MRCVS


Matt Brash is the popular 'Zoo Vet at Large', star of the long running ITV series and the resident wildlife vet on BBC's Springwatch Unsprung. As a specialist Zoo and Wildlife vet Matt has seen it all.

Matt spent many years working as a vet in mixed practice, looking after everything from horses and cows to canaries and tadpoles.

Matt is a loyal supporter of many wildlife organisations

Since 1990 his fascination with wildlife and zoo animals has grown, and he now spends all his time in this field. He has conducted considerable research into wildlife, is a government advisor and also a loyal supporter of many wildlife organisations.

From lizards to rhinos

After being brought up abroad, playing with lizards, rhinos and parrots, Matt always had an interest in unusual animals.

When taking up a new veterinary post in Malton North Yorkshire, he was asked whether he would be willing to take on the work as the vet for Flamingoland Zoo. He lept at the opportunity and has been visiting them weekly ever since.

At the zoo he has under his care nearly 1500 animals, ranging from giraffe, Rhino’s Lions and tigers, down to tiny Poison dart frogs and lizards. There are the cute and cuddly, and the downright fierce and nasty. All grist to the mill in a days work for a zoo vet.

But he has not only worked with this zoo, but a number of others around the country, some specializing in Birds of prey, whilst others are smaller farm parks or just mini zoos.

Focusing on Zoo work

In 2002 he was appointed a Secretary of States Zoo inspector, which means that he is involved in the complex process of inspecting other zoos, and ensuring that they are maintaining standards, as well as assisting with conservation and education.

In 2003 he gained his Certificate in Zoo Medicine and routinely works with the Wildlife Inspectorate, a branch of Global Wildlife, as a Veterinary Advisor.

He sits on the Council for the British Veterinary Zoological Society, and at present is the junior vice president, and acts as the society’s media representative dealing with Wildlife issues.

Since 2010 Matt has focused entirely on his work with wildlife and zoo animals. He joined BBC TV's Springwatch Unsprung team as wildlife vet in 2015.


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