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Dry Eye affects 1:22 of all dogs in the UK

If left untreated Dry Eye can cause blindness - diagnosis by your vet takes just 60sec

Is your dog suffering from Dry Eye?

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), commonly referred to as "Dry Eye", is one of the most common dog eye problems. Dry Eye affects one in 22 of all dogs in the UK (1). Sadly, if left untreated the condition can lead to loss of sight. Diagnosis of Dry Eye involves a simple 60 second test by your vet. With the right treatment, Dry Eye can be managed long term. Both the cause and signs of Dry Eye will need to be treated.

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Reference: (1) Pearce V.E, Harmer E.J & Williams D.L (2006) Evaluation of breed variation of Schirmer tear test values in 1000 opthalmoscopically normal dogs, BSAVA Congress, Birmingham: Scientific Papers


Dry Eye is a painful condition and eventually leads to permanent blindness. If not treated correctly, Dry Eye can compromise your dog's quality of life and affect their eyesight in the future. - This website is provided by the manufacturers of Optimmune™