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Chris Packham launches Big Tick Project here

Watch Chris Packham talking ticks in a live web vet clinic here this Thursday at 2.45pm

Disease news

More research needed into mystery of Alabama Rot

Up to 71 dogs identified with disease over past year but many more may have died say vets

Celebrity blog

How safe is your rabbit this Spring?

Chris Packham has a message to rabbit owners this spring – please protect your pets

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Stolen terrier flags down RSPCA van

Charity appeals for information after finding Alfie 100 miles from home

Charity news

Garfield the cat is back

Smart detective work by Cats Protection sees ginger cat missing for seven years reunited with owner


How to introduce a dog and rabbit

WATCH VIDEO It's Easter bunny time but how will your new rabbit get on with your dogs and cats?


Roscoe Hamilton pic: Twitter

Lewis Hamilton & Roscoe steal show at SPOTY

English Bulldog by side of F1 star on red carpet as one of several canine faces at show

Disease news

Dogs and wildlife share parvovirus say scientists

New study shows that wild animals carry canine parvovirus and can give it to our pets

Pet health

Focus on eye health

What can your dog's eyes tell you? Here are the top five conditions to be aware of

Pet health

Detecting Dry Eye

A staggering one in 22 dogs will be affected by the autoimmune disease Dry Eye

Pet care

A husky puppy visiting the vet

Visiting the vet for the first time?

Find out about what to expect when you take your pet to the vet for the first time

Pet care

Top five tips for rabbit health

Top five tips for rabbit health

Help from the experts to improve your pet rabbit’s health and well being

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Friends for Life 2015 winners Kyle and Miracle

Miracle behind Friends for Life winner

How a dog rescued from Thailand's meat trade tugged at the nation's heart strings

Your stories

Lucky escape Chloe and owner Marion Wood

Miracle cat Chloe survives six weeks up chimney

Vets act quickly to save pet blind and emaciated after being trapped for six weeks