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Chris Packham with Itch and Scratch

Is there a right time to get a new puppy?

Like many of us, Chris Packham ponders when to introduce a new pup to the team

Latest news

Dog on holiday

Owners warned to vaccinate dogs in holiday hotspots

Parvovirus and other infectious diseases may present increased risk to pets in tourism areas

Pet of the week

Jasper the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup

Meet Jasper our pet of the week

Find out why this gorgeous pup is our pet of the week

Latest news

Ruby the dog allergic to being a dog. Picture: Caters News Agency

Dog diagnosed as 'allergic to life'

From grass to bones and even dog food, Ruby was diagnosed as 'allergic to being a dog'

Celebrity pets

Cara and pet rabbit Cecil Delevingue

Cara gets help to care for pet rabbit Cecil

Delevingue’s famous pet now has 102k Instagram followers and a ‘rabbit nanny’

Charity news

Heaviest cat at Battersea Titan

Bootcamp for Battersea's fattest cat

Titan, the fattest ever to have walked through its doors, is in rehab at the charity

Rabbit health

Top five tips for rabbit health

Top five tips for rabbit health

Help from the experts to improve your pet rabbit’s health and well being

Your stories

Sharon and Ellie reunited - picture BNPS

Reunited with stolen Staffie Ellie after five years

The pet who travelled 500 miles in five years to come home

Vet practice news

Dog walking in woods

Vet warns owners after Alabama Rot case

Shropshire practice urges pet owners to be on their guard for symptoms of deadly disease

Health checks

A husky puppy visiting the vet

Visiting the vet for the first time?

Find out about what to expect when you take your pet to the vet for the first time

Pet health news

Max the puppy with Leptospirosis saved by Weston Super Mare vets

Vets welcome new weapon against ‘Lepto’

Practice urges pet owners to protect their dogs against fresh strains of disease

Your stories

Buddy has turned Jacob's life around

'Buddy has given Jacob a reason to go outside'

Labrador changed the life of 10-year-old boy with autism

Pet healthcare

Tick bites a person

Why fleas and ticks may be a health risk to you AND your pet

Fleas and ticks are a health risk to pets and humans carrying diseases that may be serious

Pet healthcare

Dog and owner on sofa

How to prevent fleas and ticks in the home

Helping your pet and your home remain flea and tick free is a year round activity